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01 January 2011

a word about intentions~

january 1 st . . .
the word "resolution" is a bit daunting considering that
statistically only 46% of us who make "resolutions" for
the new year actually keep those resolutions for longer than 6mos.
. . . so, following my YOGIC PRINCIPLES,
i resolve this year to not set resolutions but intentions, something
that i admit is challenging enough in a single yoga practice,
believe me, try maintaining an intention of patience while
holding Utkatasana (chair pose) for a minute!
but this small moment of silence at the beginning of a yoga class
has a powerful way of not only keeping my mind focused through
the poses, but somehow seems to creep into my thoughts and
actions for the rest of the day.
In Sanskirt, the word for intention, sankalpa, is
a promise you make to yourself
about what you intend to do, be, say.
one word phrases
that become your mantra for your practice, day, year.
. . . ah, isn't that refreshing!
welcome 20 11

(*p.s. don't forget to eat your turnip greens & black-eyed peas today!)

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