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13 December 2012

"are black and white colors?"

 "Are black and white colors?" - is one of the most debated issues about color.  Ask a scientist and you'll get a response based on physics: 'Black is not a color, white is a color.' Ask an artist 
and you will get quite a different answer!" Ask me, 
and I will say . . . BOTH are colors!

White is a color.  White reflects all the colors of the visible light spectrum to the eyes; thus it is the blending of all colors to become it's own unique color.  Want proof?  Look at a rainbow, which is sunlight refracted to expose all the colors that make a single beam of "white" sunlight.
Alternately, black is a color as well.  When all three primary colors are combined, you get a "black" color so to speak.  For more on black & white theories, check out this link devoted to exposing the "black & white truth".

*click here for Answers to the black and white debate!

06 December 2012

stocking stuffers!

the studio is busy getting stocking stuffers ready
in time for santa to deliver!

28 November 2012

blue bird, blue skies-

(blue bird-blue skies, acrylic on board, M.ELLIOTT)

ahhh, after a taste of the winter yet to come-  
gray skies and cold brittle air - it was delight today to wake up to
 the morning sun and see blue skies through the kitchen window.  
i am feeling like a busy little blue bird today, 
working on CHRISTMAS commissions and visiting with two local 
framers to decide on some custom frames for 
new pieces of gallery work....
nothing but blue skies ahead!

06 November 2012

gathering bits and pieces-

(red bird, 5x7, acrylic on board, M.ELLIOTT)
i marvel at the birds outside my studio as the temperature
begins to drop; they continue hunting and gathering
bits and pieces for nourishment and for nest building
materials, with seemingly no regard for the colder air!
meanwhile, in my cozy little studio, i enjoy the opportunity
to watch these little creatures from inside fortified with
 wooly socks, a hot mug of green tea,

sweet coconut curry granola bars
made with bits and pieces of 5 different types of nuts and SEEDS.
MMMMM, wouldn't those birds be envious if they knew how much better these treats tasted!

15 October 2012

raw treats and canvas-

(Spice, acrylic on linen, 2012 M.ELLIOTT)

this is the second "face" i have done on linen canvas
....did i mention i LOVE the raw look of linen.  
it is the perfect warm neutral background to complement my color palette.

speaking of raw, i have been trying some new raw goodies 
in my kitchen. taking a cue from the season's spices and flavors, 
this week i made "carrot cake" truffles with organic raw
almond meal, dates, carrots, pecans, and spices....YUM!

28 September 2012

welcoming the frist signs of fall-

one of the first signs of fall is the diPPing temperature,
along with the first crop of pumpkins
for me, that means NEW colors on the palette
warm earthy colors - browns, rust, and harvest orange!

("face forward", acrylic on canvas, 2012, -M.ELLIOTT) 

20 September 2012

new gallery space!

new gallery SPACE!
the Nina Kuzina Gallery has a new home at
4231 Harding Pike*

stop by for a visit and surround yourself with
fresh new artwork from FOUR amazing
NASHVILLE artists, including myself!

(orange poka-dots, 40x40, M.ELLIOTT)

*formerly Nancy Saturn's American Artisan Location, across from St. Thomas Hospital

21 August 2012

coming soon!

september 1ST
my artwork will be on view at a NEW venue in nashville, tn
. . .
stay tuned for more exciting details to follow!!

(red piano, 40"x40", M.ELLIOTT, 2012)

24 July 2012


( intention, 40x50, acrylic on canvas, M.ELLIOTT)

"dreams are manifested when we pursue them with intention"

27 June 2012


blending art terms
. . . . . 
often i am asked "what type of art do you make?"
 my response usually sounds vauge as i try to navigate explaining
art tems which include both abstraction and figurative art.  
why? becuse my work is a blend of both!

my work is ABSTRACT in the sense that the objects represented depart from an accurate representation of reality to some degree, yet my work is not NONREPRENTATIONAL (*meaning that it does not lack a visual reference in the physical world). 
my work can also be considered FIGURATIVE, not only becuase it sometimes includes human figures in the composition, but also objecst from the real world. thus, you might say my work is REPRESENTATIONAL because it has an identifiable subject based on experience of the physical world. 
as i continue to blend colors on my palette,
i will continue to blend and merge art terms in an attempt to define my work to those that ask,
but for me . . . my work just "is what it is!"

06 June 2012

linen canvas-

i love the soothIng nEutral coloR of natural linen.  
the perfect backdrop to rich deep strokes of pAint. 
heRe is a look aT my latEst commIssIoned pIece.

(acrylic on linen, M.ELLIOTT, 2012)

14 May 2012

New Gallery Representation

(Upon His Shoulders, acrylic on canvas, M.ELLIOTT, 2012)

i am excited to share that my artwork is now on display 
for sale and viewing at the 
in birmingham, al.  since 1982, the Loretta Goodwin Gallery 
has established itself as one of the Southeast's
premier fine art galleries. please drop by 
and enjoy the artwork!

Monday to Friday
10am - 4pm
Saturdayby appointment

(205) 328. 1761
Loretta Goodwin Gallery
605 28th Street South . Birmingham, AL 35233

12 April 2012

new from the studio-

(Relent, 36x48, acrylic on canvas, M.Elliott 2012)

COLORS make me hAppY!

28 March 2012

counting sheep-

(acrylic on canvas, 40"x50", M.Elliott 2012)
i am so honored to add this commissioned painting to quite a prestigious collection of art already held by the owners of a
swanky downtown loft in NASHVILLE, TN.
these sheep will have the privilege of gazing out from their new perch high above BROADWAY'S neon lights day and night.

13 March 2012


(small face series, acrylic on board, M.Elliott 2012)

"According to a study last year from University College London,
when people looked at paintings they liked, MRIs showed
that the medial orbitofrontal cortex, part of the brain that governs
pleasure, lit up. The caudate nucleus, which is the nerve center
relating to romantic love also brightened."
[2/ March 2012]

24 February 2012

Click on the link below to view all artwork for this year's
LIVE and ONLINE silent auctions, including TWO M.Elliott paintings!

(fish sauce, acrylic on canvas, M.Elliott)

(sweet and sour, acrylic on canvas, M.Elliott)

09 February 2012

new places, new "faces"-

( face series, linen on canvas, M.Elliott 2012)

15 January 2012

"hats off"

hAts oFF to a nEw yeAr!
("hat lady series", acrylic on canvas,2012)