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27 June 2012


blending art terms
. . . . . 
often i am asked "what type of art do you make?"
 my response usually sounds vauge as i try to navigate explaining
art tems which include both abstraction and figurative art.  
why? becuse my work is a blend of both!

my work is ABSTRACT in the sense that the objects represented depart from an accurate representation of reality to some degree, yet my work is not NONREPRENTATIONAL (*meaning that it does not lack a visual reference in the physical world). 
my work can also be considered FIGURATIVE, not only becuase it sometimes includes human figures in the composition, but also objecst from the real world. thus, you might say my work is REPRESENTATIONAL because it has an identifiable subject based on experience of the physical world. 
as i continue to blend colors on my palette,
i will continue to blend and merge art terms in an attempt to define my work to those that ask,
but for me . . . my work just "is what it is!"

06 June 2012

linen canvas-

i love the soothIng nEutral coloR of natural linen.  
the perfect backdrop to rich deep strokes of pAint. 
heRe is a look aT my latEst commIssIoned pIece.

(acrylic on linen, M.ELLIOTT, 2012)