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28 November 2012

blue bird, blue skies-

(blue bird-blue skies, acrylic on board, M.ELLIOTT)

ahhh, after a taste of the winter yet to come-  
gray skies and cold brittle air - it was delight today to wake up to
 the morning sun and see blue skies through the kitchen window.  
i am feeling like a busy little blue bird today, 
working on CHRISTMAS commissions and visiting with two local 
framers to decide on some custom frames for 
new pieces of gallery work....
nothing but blue skies ahead!

06 November 2012

gathering bits and pieces-

(red bird, 5x7, acrylic on board, M.ELLIOTT)
i marvel at the birds outside my studio as the temperature
begins to drop; they continue hunting and gathering
bits and pieces for nourishment and for nest building
materials, with seemingly no regard for the colder air!
meanwhile, in my cozy little studio, i enjoy the opportunity
to watch these little creatures from inside fortified with
 wooly socks, a hot mug of green tea,

sweet coconut curry granola bars
made with bits and pieces of 5 different types of nuts and SEEDS.
MMMMM, wouldn't those birds be envious if they knew how much better these treats tasted!