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07 November 2009

Artwork - Sara Howell Studio & Gallery

i am excited to share that the
is now displaying some of my artwork in

17 September 2009

I am excited to team up with
with guests in their lovely restaurant!
Stop by for drinks in their upstairs bar or dinner
& see some of my new work.

114 28th Avenue North - Nashville, TN 37203 - (615) 320.4399

15 September 2009

an image from a NEW series i have been working on, enjoy!
(snapper, acrylic on canvas, 22"x28")

26 August 2009

"Where Human Meets Nature"

Works on display from August 15th through September 15th
Gallery 121
BELMONT UNIVERSITY campus (Nashville, TN).

"Alumnus Margaret Elliot presents Where Human Meets Nature, a collection reflecting her spiritual response to nature and life . . ." Read more about artist work and gallery hours by clicking here!

29 June 2009

"new beginnings"

"new beginnings", acrylic on canvas, 30"x40"
(commission: wichita, ks)

04 June 2009

. . . wondering the meaning of the blue bird,
(in this case swallows)

optimism, happiness, contentment
when present in a dream, they may represent someone or something in real life with whom you associate one of these qualities. additionally, there is a common lore that bird tattoos on sailors would help them get back to shore, as when you saw one you knew you were close to home; thus, in the nautical world blue birds are a symbol of LUCK . it has also been said that one blue bird tattoo on a sailor represents 5,ooo nautical miles at sea, and two blue birds represents 10,ooo nautical miles at sea.
(10,000 miles with you, 11"x14", acrylic on canvas, 2009)

28 May 2009


       this COMMISSION was hung and viewed with 
                   good friends & good wine  
             in its new EAST NASHVILLE home 
                          (acrylic on canvas, 30"x40", 2009)

19 May 2009

the bouquet

ahh! nothing like fresh flowers to brighten your day!

15 May 2009

migrating birds

these two BIRDS, 
"cheet - cheet" and "cherio,cherio"
have found new places to NEST in 
Nashville,TN and Chicago, IL
("cheet-cheet", acrylic on canvs, 4"x6"; "cherio,cherio", acrylic on canvas, 4"x6")

09 May 2009

what a night!

what a nIGHT and what an eVENT!
thank you to all who joined me and others at 
"art of ALabama" show

04 May 2009

aRt sHowing

"art of ALbama"

Thursday, May 7th
the Matt Jones Gallery

2830 6th Ave. South, Birmingham, AL, 35233

29 April 2009

bird sketching

a thorough cLeaing and repLenishing of SEED in the feeder,
and . . . my bIRDS are back!  
i spent several hours this morning watching and sketching 
bIRDS from my studio; such a delight to my day!

23 April 2009


life is about  . . .the details!  

visit my website to see the full image at
(detail image, blue frets, 24"x36")

14 April 2009


(Art Galleries & Artist of the South)

Rate the Artist Contest Results

my painting "Roses & Diamonds" was picked 1st place for
 "expert's pick" and 2nd place for "internet voting"

09 April 2009

"peck, peck"

the little BIRD below now has a name, "peck, peck",
and is flying to it's new home in memphis, TN

02 April 2009

help me title this painting

-help me title this painting-

Think of a title that fits this painting and EMAIL it to me!
I will chose from those sumibitted by 8PM Saturday, 
and post the title here on my blog!

30 March 2009

video interview on yOUtuBe -

i often jokingly say when i do somthing silly or clumsy, "that will end up on yOu tuBE", . . . well, now i can say i really am on yOu tuBe!!

28 March 2009

purdy, purdy, purdy

isn't this little birdie, as we say in the SOUTH
"purdy, purdy, purdy" 

(acrylic on canvas, 2009)

23 March 2009

Artistree Event -

5th Annual Tomorrow Fund Artistree Event 
to benefit the Tomorrow Fund.  The show will feature several local artists including, M.Elliott!  For more details please visit their website or view the event on FaceBook.


19 March 2009

upcoming show!

here is a sneak peak at a series of small bird paintings i will have featured in a few weeks at the 'Artistree Show' in nashville, tn . . .  stay tuned for details regarding the show!

06 March 2009

Evening of Hope-

I am so honored to have the privilege of taking part in this year's silent & live auction to benefit THE MICHAEL STANLEY CHILD LIFE FUND. Pictured above is Micheal Stanley, a precious child, for whom this endowment fund is named and the two paintings (Justin II & Linford) which I have donated for tonight's event.
visit the following website:

02 March 2009

Artwork - Hotel Indigo

Visit the hip new Hotel Indigo, and see some of my new! artwork on display in their innovative gallery-style entrance.

Hotel Indigo
1719 West End Ave., Nashville, TN, 37203

25 February 2009

Preview: Gallery 121-

Preview my work hanging in Gallery 121 at the Leu Center for Visual Arts -

18 February 2009

"Art from Anywhere" -

Opening reception

Monday, February 23
10:00 AM

Leu Center for the Visual Arts
1900 Belmont Blvd - Nashville, TN 37212

"Art from Anywhere" is a new homecoming event celebrating the visual arts. This year, selected Belmont alumni from the Middle Tennessee area are exhibiting their professional photography, paintings, and three dimensional works in the Leu Center for the Visual Arts. Come meet the artists - Bob Schatz ('77), Matt Chenoweth ('07), Margaret Elliott ('05) and Ann Street (WB '45) - and learn about their works. Light refreshments will be served.

04 February 2009

color inspiration

tobacco, coral red, deep pumpkin and rust, eggplant, gold, and velvet shades of blue describe the colors inspired for this commissioned painting (private commission, 30"x40" birmingham, al)

24 January 2009

tangerine haiku-

leather skin and peels
tangerine flesh, juicy drops
emotions balanced now

11 January 2009

the sun is glorious today! and its radiance is a welcome respite from the cold & gloom of winter; despite the cold, the birds seem to find warmth in their closeness and stillness... they are also a reminder to me that spring will come!, and for that, i am thankful; until then i will watch the birds from indoors until spring invites me to join them outdoors to listen to their new songs.... ("three's company", acrylic on canvas, 2009)

08 January 2009

black gesture lines mark fleeting moments of eXpRession on the face; the addition of layered washes of color bleeding into one another, further stands
testament to the ever changing movement in one's expression

02 January 2009

happy new year!

It was a glorious morning here in Nashville,

blue skies, sunshine, and brisk fresh air!

Adler and I celebrated the New Year by absorbing the beautiful morning and playing in the park.

Happy New Year!

Margaret & Adler