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15 September 2014

music city notes

it's hard not to get swept away 
by floating sounds and notes
when you live and work in nashville.
the music influence is strong here, 
but lucky for everyone else 
the only public singing I do is on canvas!

(Music City Notes, 30"x40" 2014, M.ELLIOTT)

(detail, acrylic on canvas)

(*sourced image, the heart of downtown nashville music)


08 September 2014


a major change

the name 
for this painting seems appropriate in many ways.
this painting is one that has taken me longer than most, 
almost 6 months to complete!
it has been a stop and go process- sketching, painting,
color changes, stretches of work and periods of rest.

the process seems almost prophetic 
mirroring my life as a baby is grows in my belly, 
morphing and changing
days away from emerging as a beautiful butterfly!

(metamorphosis detail, M.ELLIOTT)

 (my inspiration board)

(if i were to choose an interior for this chair, this would be it!)

(metamorphosis, 24"x48", M.ELLIOTT)

26 August 2014

Finishing Touches

every good bar tender knows that the
finishing touch makes a perfect drink!

(Up With Olives, acrylic on canvas, M.ELLIOTT)

(Lemon Twist, acrylic on canvas, M.ELLIOTT)

11 August 2014

New Representation/HiltonHead,SC

Camellia Art Gallery
i am thrilled to have my work available
in Hilton Head with Camellia Art!
what i love about this gallery is the owner, 
Adrienne Lively's approach to art:

"Everyone should own original art that moves them 
and beautifies their surroundings....Camellia Art seeks 
to make it [original art] accessible and fun for
people to discover and experience for themselves."

(Bug Series IV, acrylic on linen, M.ELLIOTT)

1 office way
hilton head island, sc

30 July 2014

more BLT's

after all that painting,
i worked up an appetite for "BLT" goodness!
i came across this "BLT Pasta Salad" and scribbled it down, 
wish now that i could remember where it came from!
this salad is a light and fun twist to putting
"BLT" between two slices of bread
*note: i used "gomiti" shaped pasta that i had on hand, and
i added homemade croutons because i like the crunch!

(*yep, you can see my notation for what i had for dessert
with my "BLT Pasta Salad")

(my presentation of the "BLT Pasta Salad")

28 July 2014

in the kitchen

cooking up some paintings for the 
Friday, August 8th - Saturday, August 9th

(BLT, 12"x12", acrylic on canvas, 2014)

(Sandwich Staples, 12"x12", 2014)

(Rabbit Food, 12"x12", 2014)

(Tomato Art Fest Parade, image provided by

(image by Daner)

Art Show hosted by
Art & Invention Gallery
1106 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206
(East Nashville at 5 Points)

link to the Tomato Art Fest website, click here!
link to details about the Tomato Art Fest Art Show, click here!

01 July 2014


little did i know 6 months ago as i sat in reflection
over words and intentions that i wanted to cultivate in the NEW YEAR
just how prophetic the word "NOURISH" would become.
mostly i was thinking of my newly planted herb garden,
(a Christmas gift from Kyle)
but little did i know a tiny bean was sprouting in my belly!
Going to be NOURISHING myself lavishly in the final trimester
waiting to welcome a tiny creation of creativity into the studio in september!

fruitful, bearing fruit
life giving

10 June 2014

life's a beach

soaking in the sun
gazing at the vastness of the sea 
dreaming on the horizon
healing with the salt air and 
being restored by the sound of waves

(Seagulls and Umbrellas series, acrylic on canvas, 8"x16", 2014)

(Seagulls and Umbrellas series, acrylic on canvas, 8"x16", 2014)

(Seagulls and Umbrellas series, acrylic on canvas, 8"x16", 2014)

19 May 2014

Mail Art

something you might not know about me is . . .
that i LOVE mail
NOT email, but the good ol' fashioned snail-mail! its
not uncommon for me to go out of my way to drop a letter
off at the post office or to stand in a looong line just to pick
out a specific stamp. writing thank you notes, sending a
birthday card, or just a note to journal about what i have been
doing lately is a delight for me!

when i read about Jason Brown's REINVENTION project,
i knew i had found a perfect blend.....
the awesome thing is that ANYONE can take part in this project
(no art skills required!)
visit Jason's web page and find inspiration from pieces of
mail art already submitted.
and for a peak at my little piece of art that went
to the post office today, scroll down! :)

Check out the Reinvention Project website!

(my submission)
color study, 4.5"x6" acrylic and pen on canvas paper,
M.Elliott 2014

(back view)

(front view)

Mail Art, also referred to as Postal Art and Correspondence Art, 
are small scale works of art sent via the postal service (a work of art isn't considered Mail Art until it is dispatched). Each piece of Mail Art is unique; sometimes the artwork is meant to engage social, artistic, and political issues. All forms of material and artistic techniques may be used. Rubber stamps (including artistamps or artist-created stamps), stickers, paint and other material may be combined in Mail Art collage. Ray Johnson, founder of the New York Correspondence School, is often also credited as the founder of contemporary Mail Art. 

08 May 2014

Birdhouse Thing

one of my favorite events in NASHVILLE!

such a fun evening sampling and tasting delicious food and
drink from local restaurants while admiring and biding on 
intricately detailed and themed birdhouses, artwork
and jewelry.... BUT the best part 

is getting to take something home that you fell in love with 
and know 
that you are helping provide music lessons to a child!
hope to see you there! -M.ELLIOTT

14 April 2014

Wedding commission

what could be more fitting for
a sea side wedding than . . . . a pair of lobsters!
here's to the bride & groom!

(initial color blocking on canvas and color palette)

(if i were choosing a wedding dress to compliment the painting,
this would be it! -sourced from Pintrest)

(commissioned painting, "Two Lobsters", 2014, M.Elliott)


05 March 2014

"allegro ma non troppo"

for those (including myself) not versed in musical terminology,
what does "allegro ma non troppo" mean?
fast, quick and bright, but not too much

the perfect description for my latest painting!  although i did
consider the title "slow and steady", it just didn't have quite the 
same charisma. this painting has been on the easel for a while,
a lot of stop and go with the brush- some days with a lot of 
quick and bright energy and other days not too much.
although there has been good reason for the change in rhythm
(no pun intended!) to my painting process with this piece, 
i will wait to share that in another post! :)
enjoy the images!

a pencil sketch starts the process

working color palette

blocking in dominate colors

a few final brushstrokes . . .tah-dah!

(Allegro ma non troppo, 30"x40", acrylic on canvas)


11 February 2014

You are my Lobster-

wishing YOU 
SWEETness on this day!

(mini lobster, 2014)

(sketches on canvas)

(mini lobster series, 2014)

(image from

31 January 2014

One of my favorite events in NASHVILLE!!
I am so honored to donate again this year to such a
wonderful program.  If you have never been, 
I highly recommend getting tickets this year!

'Birdhouse Thing Event'
5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18
at W.O. Smith Music School
1125 8th Avenue South     

"Birdie" painting by M.ELLIOTT 
***for auction the night of the event ***


 Today is the final opportunity to get discounted
pre-sale tickets!

Enjoy hors d'oeuvres from Nashville's top caterers during the live auction of wooden birdhouses designed and decorated by Nashville celebrities, renowned artists and professionals alongside other unique art works and gift packages to local businesses. Returning again is the silent celebrity online auction through

27 January 2014


did you know, that Georgia O'Keeffe's "cottonwood" paintings 
were inspired by the surrounding landscape of the 
Chama River valley; which just happens to be the view from 
her home and studio at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico.
it truly is incredibly breathtaking!
i had the privilege of seeing this same view firsthand a little
over a year ago while in SANTA FE for my sister's wedding. 
a tour of O'Keeffe's home, gardens, and studio are worth the visit!

. . . . .
why am i going on about Georgia O'Keeffe? well, 
i have my own special "cottonwood"
more humble than majestic and breathtaking
but never fails to catch my gaze, and so it deserved to be painted!

(painting in progress)

(can you find my "cottonwood" in this view?)


07 January 2014

one of my favorite things about january 
is the clearing and the cleaning that 
takes place both physically and mentally. 
the holiday decor is stored.
the shopping is finished.
and the festivities give way 
to quietness, reflection, and new beginnings.  
in this quietness my thoughts begin 
to shape feelings into words
intentions for the new year are formed

breathing in, serving out

fruitful, bearing fruit
life giving
(*see photos below of my new herb garden)

alternate art forms
art in unexpected places
((*exciting  things in the works, stay tuned!!!))

(thanks Kyle for the best gift!)

(my new herb garden)

(flat leaf parsley, sweet basil, oregano, onion chives, cilantro,
cherry tomatoes, and a poblano pepper)