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27 January 2014


did you know, that Georgia O'Keeffe's "cottonwood" paintings 
were inspired by the surrounding landscape of the 
Chama River valley; which just happens to be the view from 
her home and studio at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico.
it truly is incredibly breathtaking!
i had the privilege of seeing this same view firsthand a little
over a year ago while in SANTA FE for my sister's wedding. 
a tour of O'Keeffe's home, gardens, and studio are worth the visit!

. . . . .
why am i going on about Georgia O'Keeffe? well, 
i have my own special "cottonwood"
more humble than majestic and breathtaking
but never fails to catch my gaze, and so it deserved to be painted!

(painting in progress)

(can you find my "cottonwood" in this view?)


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