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11 December 2008

painting #2 for this week-

busier than ever in the studio, finishing
the last brushstrokes on painting #2 this week.
(above: commissioned painting, birmingham, al)

08 December 2008

new gallery representation!

i am excited to share that my artwork will be displayed at the
Matt Jones Gallery
2830 6th ave south, birmingham, al

26 November 2008

temporary studio in FL-

a look at my make-shift art studio in Naples, FL, where i spent the last month taking for granted the warmer weather and beautiful sunlight while working on a "nautical themed" commission (what better place to work on a nautical painting than FL where you are constantly inspired by water and boating!)

27 October 2008

My weekend in San Antonio, TX started with tex mex on the River Walk and late night drinks at "Howl at the Moon" Saloon. The trip was not left void of tourist attractions, including the Alamo, Buckhorn Saloon and Museum (think Val Kilmer "I'll be your huckleberry"), a visit to the Yarn Barn (a mecca for those who like to knit!), and brunch at the Gunther House (home to Pioneer Flour, a.k.a. fluffy biscuits and rolls). The weekend was topped by my cousin's wedding, which took place at the Arneson River Amphitheater along the River Walk, followed by a private courtyard reception complete with a mariachi band!

19 October 2008

Birmingham Mural -

This back entryway was transformed with a little ivy and a faux iron gate (disguising pantry doors). The ivy and iron gate create an extension to the outdoor living space. This once blah entryway is now an intimate space transitioning visitors from the back patio garden into the home. (Before and after pictures of a mural I painted recently in Birmingham, AL.)

14 October 2008

Faux Finish Walls in KY~

I spent the weekend in KY working and learning 'fAUX fINISH' techniques. Above are pictures of me applying venitian plaster to walls in the entryway of a new home being built on KY lake. I have applied 5 layers of venitian plaster. Once the layers have dried and cured, I will go back and burnish to bring out the color and depth of layers. This is a work in progress. But that's not all . . .

Downstairs, in the same home, a leather faux finish, is being applied as an accent wall in a large gathering room. The pictures above show the first layer of glaze. After this layer has time to dry fully, a second layer of metal/patina glaze will be applied to finish the look!

05 October 2008

October Art Show . . .

Thank you to The Briarcliff Shop in Birmingham, AL for so graciously hosting a showing of my artwork. It was a perfect early fall evening that encouraged a large attendance and pOsiTive eNergY!

*For more information about The Briarcliff Shop visit their website:

30 September 2008

art project for W.E.C.C.

West End Community Church (WECC) recently celebrated its 10yr anniversary. To celebrate this mile stone, following the Sunday worship, there was a picnic lunch with games and a painting project to be donated to Bass Middle School. I had the priveledege of orchastrating the painting project! A large piece of canvas was primed for creative energy and color from WECC children present the day of the celebration. Palletes of paint and brushes were set around the canvas, and children were encouraged to mix colors and paint portions of the canvas. The end result was a wonderful wash of layered colors and textured brush strokes. Upon allowing the canvas to dry, I added a thin black line to provide structure to the canvas. The end result was a sucess!

19 September 2008


A bIG tHANK yOU to Nashville Lifestyles atHOME magazine for featuring me in their latest issue. Pick up your copy next week when they hit the stands! (Above is a sneak peak at what's inside the Fall 2008 issue)

*Nashville Lifestyles atHOME Circulation includes: Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Borders Books & Music (West End, Brentwood & Cools Springs), Davis-Kidd Booksellers, Harris Teeter, Kroger stores, Nashville Metropolitan Airport, Publix, Social Graces, Walgreens, Embassy Suites, The Hermitage Hotel, Hilton Downtown Suites, Loews Vanderbilt Plaza, Union Station Hotel

18 September 2008


there is an old red bird, he is missing a few feathers and the others are quite ruffled, but still he sings! and flitters around the yard and stares at me from the fence post.(acrylic painting on canvas, 8"x8")

16 September 2008

"you & me"

this sweet little painting is of my 'feathered friends' i like to watch out my studio window. they are most playful in the morning

11 September 2008

postcards for show!

Here is a look at the pOSTCARDS for my upcoming art show in Birmingham, AL

09 September 2008

today's painting...

after my last posting, the painting "lady in the street" SOLD! so I am trying to paint faster than ever so that I have enough inventory for my approaching show in Birmingham in 3weeks!! it is a good thing that I can paint under pressure, because I sure feel the pressure as the sun sets on another day in the studio.

03 September 2008

from the easel....

NEW! images of paintings that I have recently been working on in the sTUdIO!

29 August 2008

Memphis Blues . . .

aN aDventure for sUre! tHat lEft me sInging the mEmphis bLues...

I drove to Memphis this week to visit my sister and help her unpack at her new apartment. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my sister and parents! Two days of shopping, decorating, and eating good BBQ! The return trip to Nashville, however, was less than wonderful. 40Miles outside of Memphis my car overheats and begins smoking!! I end up at a Huddle House parking lot, where I sit for 5Hrs while help comes to the rescue! What a blessing to have "team A" on your side. My parents met me at the Huddle House and waited it out with my while Kyle, Hunter, and Adler brought a truck and trailer from Nashville and towed us home! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the issue with my car is fixable!

14 August 2008

more from "designs by M.E."

... the "Apron Party" was a hUGE success!! and tons of FUN!!! A big thank you to my two wonderful hostesses, Ali and Beth!

08 August 2008

. . . designs by M.E.!

I was so inspired by the sewing class I took this summer, that I have spent the last two weeks churning out cutesy aprons. ( I will be showcasing the finished aprons in Birmingham on Tuesday, August 12, under the designer lable "designs by M.E." ) And then there was this "GREEN" fabric that turned into a nightmare when trying to incorporate with the aprons, so I decided to make truly "GREEN BAGS" (after following an online sewing demo created by my former photography professor at Belmont, she has started an amazing "Green Bag" project of her own that has morphed in to this incredible nation wide project. Check out her project at , and see my very own 'spotlighted' GREEN BAGS)

. . . and then there were all these bits of ribbon, fringe, and rick-rack scraps, that I didn't want to waste, and I needed a cute "Baby Shower Gift" , so I went to embellishing BURP CLOTHs, I mean if you have to be using a BURP CLOTH, why shouldn't it be cute too!

05 August 2008

Lazy Lake Days . . .

Lazy lake days at Kentucky Lake . . . this summer I have learned to "wake surf", actually riding the boat's wake on a surf board!

22 July 2008

bird watching . . .

I have enjoyed watching the birds around my studio through the winter, spring, and summer (when I haven't had to chase them away from the tomato plants). I have had the opportunity to see their bright red and blue feathers stand out in contrast to the fresh snow; I have watched in awe and wonder (under the protective watch of both mother and father) as their babies hatched and learn to fly; I've observed in delight as they playfully chased one another and splashed in the puddled water from the spring showers; and I have endured the most bazaar calling from an unknown bird that perches in the eave of the window to my studio (thank goodness he doesn't make an daily house call!) I all this to say, that I have begun to sketch these feathered friends and perhaps will do a small series of paintings. Inspiration!

16 July 2008

Pajama Pants and Aprons!

I spent the evening learning to make pajama pants, button holes, and "french seams". Unfortunately, my machine's button hole attachment was too complicated to figure out, so I learned to make button holes manually. I love "french seams" they hide all the nasty frayed edges!

09 July 2008


I have been playing with watercolors . . .

29 June 2008


It just occurred to me that I don't have a posting of Adler, my precious and amazing toy poodle! (and yes!, he can fit inside my tote bag, so now he can go everywhere with me! . . . hmmm, actually he already does go everywhere I do :)

"the Simple Tote"

My second sewing project . . . an over-sized tote bag that I can use to carry all sorts of fun and useful items (like "Adler" and my new camera!). I love the texture and print of the outer fabric and the contrast of the green interior color!

23 June 2008

"the Tangle"

A long time friend and neighbor from Birmingham, AL drove all the way to Nashville to view my studio and purchased one of my paintings, "the Tangle", to hang in her soon-to-be home. How happy it makes me to see a piece of my work leave my studio with an enthused buyer and dear friend!

19 June 2008

I can sew!

I am learning to sew on my grandmother's sewing machine! I made an adorable pink apron last night. It is just so darn cute that I will probably never use it to cook in, but it looks cute hanging in my kitchen!

19 May 2008

Working hard on the Mural

Day 3: More volunteers join in to help finish painting the background color! What joy and smiles this project has brought to everyone involved, as well as for those living in or passing through the neighborhood.