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25 July 2011

withhold + express

the fine line between
withhold(ing) + express(ing)
when do we withhold what we are feeling and when do we express those feelings aloud
there is a time to speak and a time to remain silent
but more importantly, may we learn to speak with
tactfulness and graciousness

(*withhold+express, acrylic on gesso board, 4x4, M.Elliott)

20 July 2011

being present...

being present
. . .
it is a learning process for me; being truly present in my life and work and having an awareness of THE moment is a challenge. often d r i f t i n g into thoughts ahead or reCalling moments of the past, i miss existing in the moment. this is more out of habit than choice, but as i try to shift out of this automatic habit, i am becoming more present. it is a new way of SEEing and responding, a new way of being in the world, and a new approach to PAINTing!

15 July 2011


bah-bah 30"x30", acrylic on canvas

06 July 2011

halfway there~

(*you could say life is anadventure, but what better way to experience the magnitude and greatness of the outdoors and our CREATOR than to venture into the wilderness of the wild, wild West . . . maybe a little less wilderness and a little less wild, but i am definitely geared up
. . . for ADventuring west with the best trail-blazer i know, my DAD)

last week i had the privilege of spending 9 days with my sister and dad in "bIG Sky Country" Montana. following the footsteps of two american aDventures, lewis & clark, we paddled 47 miles and hiked over 8 miles along the missouri river in just 3 days, a rejuvenating 3 days without cellphones/TV/radio/computers and city noise. i was amazed at how my ear begin to differentiate between the bird calls and subtle sounds of nature. leaving inspired and soothed by the undulating prairie grass, the floating "cotton" from the cottonwood trees, and the magnitude of the white-cliffs, i hope to return again someday!
i was most of all grateful for the moments with my father and sister; to experience something gReat and to sHare it with such special people in my life!