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30 January 2013

"pin + interest"

i have started collecting my "pin + interest" board before my career as an artist ever began.
it is an ever changing and evolving board, thick with layers of magazine images- cool posters - fabric samples- photographs - and pieces of nature.  what i love most is digging beneath the layers to find ideas that i have long since forgotten!

23 January 2013

three little fishies~

remember this snippet of an image? 

well, . . . here is the final painting!

this commission was completed for an energetic couple that
loves the WATER!
whether they are on a boat cruising the KY lakes or further south
snorkeling along the salty shores in the  Abacos,
the water's edge is not far from their toes!   

an in depth look at the commission process

(beginning the color study)

(final color study)

(applying sketch and base colors to the canvas)

(almost done.....)


01 January 2013
well, here we are!  
the new year is
 a white canvas and a clean palette
where opportunities await!
 here's hoping yours is filled with  heaps of 
blessings and creativity!  

i am looking forward to sharing more 
creative energy, thoughts and musings
 with you this year . . . stay tuned!