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19 May 2008

Working hard on the Mural

Day 3: More volunteers join in to help finish painting the background color! What joy and smiles this project has brought to everyone involved, as well as for those living in or passing through the neighborhood.

14 May 2008

Progress on the Mural!

Day 2: The mural begins to "bloom" with color! Today the mural began to burst in to bloom with color and shared enthusiasm from the children, who were eager to start dipping and brushing on paint.

13 May 2008

Community Mural Project

DAY 1: Priming and Prep-ing! . . . The retaining wall is first primed in white, and then the mural design is outline with black paint. Next, wild color and flare will be added by children living in the neighborhood and attending an after school program through Harvest Hands Community Development Corporation* (*Learn more about HHCDC by visiting their website at

08 May 2008

I have a website!

Visit my website @

Welcome to my blog!

Looking forward to sharing postings and new artwork!


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