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29 August 2008

Memphis Blues . . .

aN aDventure for sUre! tHat lEft me sInging the mEmphis bLues...

I drove to Memphis this week to visit my sister and help her unpack at her new apartment. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my sister and parents! Two days of shopping, decorating, and eating good BBQ! The return trip to Nashville, however, was less than wonderful. 40Miles outside of Memphis my car overheats and begins smoking!! I end up at a Huddle House parking lot, where I sit for 5Hrs while help comes to the rescue! What a blessing to have "team A" on your side. My parents met me at the Huddle House and waited it out with my while Kyle, Hunter, and Adler brought a truck and trailer from Nashville and towed us home! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the issue with my car is fixable!

14 August 2008

more from "designs by M.E."

... the "Apron Party" was a hUGE success!! and tons of FUN!!! A big thank you to my two wonderful hostesses, Ali and Beth!

08 August 2008

. . . designs by M.E.!

I was so inspired by the sewing class I took this summer, that I have spent the last two weeks churning out cutesy aprons. ( I will be showcasing the finished aprons in Birmingham on Tuesday, August 12, under the designer lable "designs by M.E." ) And then there was this "GREEN" fabric that turned into a nightmare when trying to incorporate with the aprons, so I decided to make truly "GREEN BAGS" (after following an online sewing demo created by my former photography professor at Belmont, she has started an amazing "Green Bag" project of her own that has morphed in to this incredible nation wide project. Check out her project at , and see my very own 'spotlighted' GREEN BAGS)

. . . and then there were all these bits of ribbon, fringe, and rick-rack scraps, that I didn't want to waste, and I needed a cute "Baby Shower Gift" , so I went to embellishing BURP CLOTHs, I mean if you have to be using a BURP CLOTH, why shouldn't it be cute too!

05 August 2008

Lazy Lake Days . . .

Lazy lake days at Kentucky Lake . . . this summer I have learned to "wake surf", actually riding the boat's wake on a surf board!