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25 September 2013

"mini chair-ish" series

in the studio,
working on a mini series 

"mini chair-ish" series

18 September 2013

"Red Kantha Stitch Chair"

("Red Kantha Stitch Chair ",  M.ELLIOTT)

i love how this painting turned out,
it's rich in color, and vibrates a playful undertone!

where did the inspiration come from?

(click here for a more photos of the earlier painting stages)
lately, i have been really intrigued with fabric
and pattern, espcially Nakshi Kantha quilts.

Nakshi Kantha quilts are a work of art themselves!  
These quilts have been made for centuries in India with thread 
and layers of old cloth, including their beautiful saris.
(talk about been ahead of their time in recycling!)  
The name for these quilts is given for the embroidered patterns
and designs; the Indian word "naksha" means artistic patterns.
"Kantha" refers to the main stitch, which traditionally was red, 
blue, or black.  Later additional colors, like yellow, green, 
and pink were also used. 
Makes me think of my own artistic "stitch" or "squiggly" line 
that continues through all my paintings! 

working color palette
notice the "kantha/squiggly line" in the upper left 
detail of pattern and more "kantha/squiggle" lines

10 September 2013


i have this dilemma, pest traps (EVERYWHERE) that serve a purpose but that also do nothing for the overall design aesthetic of my studio, not that i have a design scheme anyway! it's more of a hodgepodge of canvas, paint, and drop cloths scattered in a creative flow which is interrupted by these unattractive traps that invoke unpleasant memories of an unfortunate encounter a few years ago with a brown recluse spider
 (a very  l o n g story for another time).
so you see, while i don't like these traps i also "need" these traps (EVERYWHERE) to prevent any future spider encounters!

 solution . . .  the ART of DISGUISE!
yep, i camouflaged those traps!  with the help of a pair of pinking shears and some left-over fabric scraps, you don't even notice that there are pest traps (EVERYWHERE)

pest trap before and after 'make-over'

and the progress in-between

pest trap beautifully disguised under my desk!

06 September 2013

another layer of color!

another layer of color added
. . . 
happy friday!