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24 January 2009

tangerine haiku-

leather skin and peels
tangerine flesh, juicy drops
emotions balanced now

11 January 2009

the sun is glorious today! and its radiance is a welcome respite from the cold & gloom of winter; despite the cold, the birds seem to find warmth in their closeness and stillness... they are also a reminder to me that spring will come!, and for that, i am thankful; until then i will watch the birds from indoors until spring invites me to join them outdoors to listen to their new songs.... ("three's company", acrylic on canvas, 2009)

08 January 2009

black gesture lines mark fleeting moments of eXpRession on the face; the addition of layered washes of color bleeding into one another, further stands
testament to the ever changing movement in one's expression

02 January 2009

happy new year!

It was a glorious morning here in Nashville,

blue skies, sunshine, and brisk fresh air!

Adler and I celebrated the New Year by absorbing the beautiful morning and playing in the park.

Happy New Year!

Margaret & Adler