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29 June 2008


It just occurred to me that I don't have a posting of Adler, my precious and amazing toy poodle! (and yes!, he can fit inside my tote bag, so now he can go everywhere with me! . . . hmmm, actually he already does go everywhere I do :)

"the Simple Tote"

My second sewing project . . . an over-sized tote bag that I can use to carry all sorts of fun and useful items (like "Adler" and my new camera!). I love the texture and print of the outer fabric and the contrast of the green interior color!

23 June 2008

"the Tangle"

A long time friend and neighbor from Birmingham, AL drove all the way to Nashville to view my studio and purchased one of my paintings, "the Tangle", to hang in her soon-to-be home. How happy it makes me to see a piece of my work leave my studio with an enthused buyer and dear friend!

19 June 2008

I can sew!

I am learning to sew on my grandmother's sewing machine! I made an adorable pink apron last night. It is just so darn cute that I will probably never use it to cook in, but it looks cute hanging in my kitchen!