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15 September 2014

music city notes

it's hard not to get swept away 
by floating sounds and notes
when you live and work in nashville.
the music influence is strong here, 
but lucky for everyone else 
the only public singing I do is on canvas!

(Music City Notes, 30"x40" 2014, M.ELLIOTT)

(detail, acrylic on canvas)

(*sourced image, the heart of downtown nashville music)


08 September 2014


a major change

the name 
for this painting seems appropriate in many ways.
this painting is one that has taken me longer than most, 
almost 6 months to complete!
it has been a stop and go process- sketching, painting,
color changes, stretches of work and periods of rest.

the process seems almost prophetic 
mirroring my life as a baby is grows in my belly, 
morphing and changing
days away from emerging as a beautiful butterfly!

(metamorphosis detail, M.ELLIOTT)

 (my inspiration board)

(if i were to choose an interior for this chair, this would be it!)

(metamorphosis, 24"x48", M.ELLIOTT)