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29 June 2009

"new beginnings"

"new beginnings", acrylic on canvas, 30"x40"
(commission: wichita, ks)

04 June 2009

. . . wondering the meaning of the blue bird,
(in this case swallows)

optimism, happiness, contentment
when present in a dream, they may represent someone or something in real life with whom you associate one of these qualities. additionally, there is a common lore that bird tattoos on sailors would help them get back to shore, as when you saw one you knew you were close to home; thus, in the nautical world blue birds are a symbol of LUCK . it has also been said that one blue bird tattoo on a sailor represents 5,ooo nautical miles at sea, and two blue birds represents 10,ooo nautical miles at sea.
(10,000 miles with you, 11"x14", acrylic on canvas, 2009)