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22 July 2008

bird watching . . .

I have enjoyed watching the birds around my studio through the winter, spring, and summer (when I haven't had to chase them away from the tomato plants). I have had the opportunity to see their bright red and blue feathers stand out in contrast to the fresh snow; I have watched in awe and wonder (under the protective watch of both mother and father) as their babies hatched and learn to fly; I've observed in delight as they playfully chased one another and splashed in the puddled water from the spring showers; and I have endured the most bazaar calling from an unknown bird that perches in the eave of the window to my studio (thank goodness he doesn't make an daily house call!) I all this to say, that I have begun to sketch these feathered friends and perhaps will do a small series of paintings. Inspiration!

16 July 2008

Pajama Pants and Aprons!

I spent the evening learning to make pajama pants, button holes, and "french seams". Unfortunately, my machine's button hole attachment was too complicated to figure out, so I learned to make button holes manually. I love "french seams" they hide all the nasty frayed edges!

09 July 2008


I have been playing with watercolors . . .