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10 September 2013


i have this dilemma, pest traps (EVERYWHERE) that serve a purpose but that also do nothing for the overall design aesthetic of my studio, not that i have a design scheme anyway! it's more of a hodgepodge of canvas, paint, and drop cloths scattered in a creative flow which is interrupted by these unattractive traps that invoke unpleasant memories of an unfortunate encounter a few years ago with a brown recluse spider
 (a very  l o n g story for another time).
so you see, while i don't like these traps i also "need" these traps (EVERYWHERE) to prevent any future spider encounters!

 solution . . .  the ART of DISGUISE!
yep, i camouflaged those traps!  with the help of a pair of pinking shears and some left-over fabric scraps, you don't even notice that there are pest traps (EVERYWHERE)

pest trap before and after 'make-over'

and the progress in-between

pest trap beautifully disguised under my desk!

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