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19 May 2014

Mail Art

something you might not know about me is . . .
that i LOVE mail
NOT email, but the good ol' fashioned snail-mail! its
not uncommon for me to go out of my way to drop a letter
off at the post office or to stand in a looong line just to pick
out a specific stamp. writing thank you notes, sending a
birthday card, or just a note to journal about what i have been
doing lately is a delight for me!

when i read about Jason Brown's REINVENTION project,
i knew i had found a perfect blend.....
the awesome thing is that ANYONE can take part in this project
(no art skills required!)
visit Jason's web page and find inspiration from pieces of
mail art already submitted.
and for a peak at my little piece of art that went
to the post office today, scroll down! :)

Check out the Reinvention Project website!

(my submission)
color study, 4.5"x6" acrylic and pen on canvas paper,
M.Elliott 2014

(back view)

(front view)

Mail Art, also referred to as Postal Art and Correspondence Art, 
are small scale works of art sent via the postal service (a work of art isn't considered Mail Art until it is dispatched). Each piece of Mail Art is unique; sometimes the artwork is meant to engage social, artistic, and political issues. All forms of material and artistic techniques may be used. Rubber stamps (including artistamps or artist-created stamps), stickers, paint and other material may be combined in Mail Art collage. Ray Johnson, founder of the New York Correspondence School, is often also credited as the founder of contemporary Mail Art. 

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