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05 March 2014

"allegro ma non troppo"

for those (including myself) not versed in musical terminology,
what does "allegro ma non troppo" mean?
fast, quick and bright, but not too much

the perfect description for my latest painting!  although i did
consider the title "slow and steady", it just didn't have quite the 
same charisma. this painting has been on the easel for a while,
a lot of stop and go with the brush- some days with a lot of 
quick and bright energy and other days not too much.
although there has been good reason for the change in rhythm
(no pun intended!) to my painting process with this piece, 
i will wait to share that in another post! :)
enjoy the images!

a pencil sketch starts the process

working color palette

blocking in dominate colors

a few final brushstrokes . . .tah-dah!

(Allegro ma non troppo, 30"x40", acrylic on canvas)


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