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08 January 2011

Intentions for the New Year!

(*after undergoing 3 surgeries in three months as the result of being bit on the leg by a brown recluse sPider, i have the utmost compassion for anyone suffering! i have been astounded at the cost of medical services, BUT SO GRATEFUL that they were available to me!
. . . i plan to raise money for individuals in need of reconstructive surgery)

(*you could say life is an adventure, but what better way to experience the magnitude and greatness of the outdoors and our CREATOR than to venture into the wilderness of the wild, wild West . . . maybe a little less wilderness and a little less wild, but i am definitely geared up
. . . for ADventuring west with the best trail-blazer i know, my DAD)

(*like i said, 3 surgeries in 3 months, will make you grateful for your two legs and the mobility that those two legs provide
. . . i plan to RUN a road race in gratitude and thanksgiving for the mobility that i have been re-given!)

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