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19 January 2011


funny thing about PROGRESS,
"two steps forward, and one step back"
one step back - hmmm, . . . i used to think that this phrase sounded so negative, and so frustrating. to work so hard at getting two steps ahead only to have to fall back a step; it seemed that progress was always a step away. this phrase kept me awake last night until i came to the realization that it didn't mean that at all....

"two steps, forward and one step back"
one step back = momentum
the step back, as frustrating as it might be, is only a catapult of momentum to push you forward those next two steps.
PROGRESS is constant movement; no matter the direction, forward or back, it is motion!
motion is good. yes, there is a time to be still, but not in the wake of progress. so maybe we take a step backwards, but only to take TWO steps FORWARD!

(*if the storyline in this painting continued, i think the girl would be taking two steps forward)

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