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30 December 2010

closing thoughts~

the year is closing, but the next is about to begin.
a "good-bye" to the year is necessary so that we can say
"hello and welcome" to what's next to come!

growing up in the SOUTH, it has always been tradition in my family
to acknowledge the beginning of a new year with celebration and
anticipation of LUCK and prosperity by eating greens and
black-eyed-peas, and of course, somewhere between the
celebrationand feasting there is mention of setting resolutions
for the new year. . . though in actuality, the setting of
resolutions and implementing those resolutions is decidedly
(*this year will be different.)

so, what is a resolution and how did it become tradition
to make resolutions for the new year anyhow? . . . according to
Merriam-Webster, resolution is defined as
"a formal expression of opinion agreed upon;
a firm decision to do or not to do something"
the tradition of making resolutions for the new year apparently
started with the Babylonians, who needed
a reason and means for borrowed farm equipment to be
returned for the sowing and harvesting of the new year's crop.
they also believed that the new year was a chance to start over
and change bad habits. beliefs that many of us embrace today.
but how do we set goals that aren't too lofty
that we fail before we even start, or goals that are too easy
that we don't leave room for real change or growth to occur?
i think the best resolutions start with sincere enthusiasm and a little grit!

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