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05 December 2011

NashvilleArts Magazine: M.Elliott/A Self-Portrait

What an amazing and unexpected interview from the

NashvilleArts Magazine!

A HUGE thank you to Editor in Chief -Paul Polycarpou, Writer -Joe Pagetta, and Photographer -Hunter Armistead!!

December 2011 issue

For artist Margaret Elliott, life is like a squiggly line. “I think it’s a little unexpected,” she says of her signature decorative accoutrement, which tends to appear via a drag of a thin brush on the majority of her paintings. It’s a warm, early fall day in Nashville, and Elliott, sipping an iced Americano on the patio of the Frothy Monkey in the 12 South Neighborhood, is offering up a little of her artistic—and life—philosophy.

“If you translate that into life, we think that things should be ‘this way’—you have to have a plan—but then for whatever reason, life takes different turns, and there’s something unexpected, and I like that. It’s more about the process than getting there sometimes.”

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