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13 December 2011

18 days remaining,

. . . and I am NOT referring to shopping days until Christmas.
There are 18 days remaining in 2011, which means, it is
not too late to finish out your intentions for this year!
It is hard to believe the new year is upon us as I consider
the joYs and challenges this year has brought.

My number 1 intention for 2011 was to help those suffering;
this was not something that sprung from me, but sprung out of
my own painful ordeal with a brown recluse spider bite in the earlier
part of the year. I am so grateful to have had insurance
at the time of my spider bite, and realize
what a gift that was to me!
My heart became filled with compassion and the desire to
extend that gift to others, which is how I got involved with
Bridges to Care Plus.
BTC Plus provides speciality care for Nashville's uninsured,
with over 1,000 physicians volunteering their time and services.
Side-by-side, I worked with BTC Plus to design a T-shirt
that will bring awareness to the organization and
help provide fundingto those in need of its services.
To find out more about this project click here!

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