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19 April 2013

alligator at the studio-

Technically, the gator was not "at" my studio, 

but he was just 20ft from the sliding door of my studio! . . .
full story below!
still blurry eyed from sleep, i looked out my studio window and 
see this guy hanging out....and not far off a 
momma duck with her one, two, three....ten baby ducks
hmmmm, still thinking....
gator +  momma duck + 10baby ducks = breakfast! what did I do?!! (still in my PJ's, mind you) I ran outside 
and told that gator in my best 'bama accent 

"NO! You are not going to eat those baby ducks!" 
(lordy, the neighbors must think something of me!)

while the baby ducks and momma moved to higher ground,
the alligator and i had a stare down
he circled around a couple of times, raised his head and tail,
just to remind me how big he was...and, 
to let me know that he was not very happy that I spoiled his breakfast!

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